Late-Night Bars in London

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There are some late-night bars and pubs in London that are able to quench your thirst, provided you have properly planned your plod around town. The best ones in London are making London’s nightlife better with their well-crafted beers and late-drink parties along the capital. For the night owls London is packed with venues that never stop the party, so we’ve put out this list of late night clubs where the good times roll on.

With the 24-hour tube at weekends, although London isn’t known for its drinking spots, you can avoid the looking for more liquor. If you would like to know where the greatest places to drink in London are, which don’t shut down by midnight, you will be glad to find out that the number is constantly increasing. Fortunately, there are some 24 Hour clubs around you in London, waiting to be discovered, for those who like a late night out.

This article is meant to be a guide to late-night pubs in London, so we have picked out the best drinking dens, although there are also some of our favorite 24-hour restaurants that serve booze as well as food. We strongly believe that late night parties in London shouldn’t end with the shutting of the bars and going home. The best in London are the cozy hideaways where you can quietly drink up lots of whiskey or a cocktail late, before saying goodbye.


  1.  Soho

This likable venue is set along the famous Kingly Street. At Soho, you can have an amazing time with your friends and also enjoy some delicious cocktails.

  1. Dandelyan, Blackfriars

This charming spot has a pretentious drink menu but it’s not at all overbearing. The cocktails range from modern-botany ones such as The Pinnacle Point Fizz to Heirloom which consists of exploded raspberry cordial, plant hemoglobin, Kamm & Sons and, of course, whiskey.

  1. Black Rock, Shoreditch

Whiskey is pouring at the oak-tree table of this exciting cool coal hole. 250 types of them, to be more specific, sorted by flavor, so choosing gets easier. Most drams are somewhere about £7-£11 and are excellently prepared and served by the staff. The table we are talking about is an 18ft slab of oak tree, making it fun to watch the whiskey roll on it.

  1. The Dolphin, 165 Mare St

This is the kind of place like a destination pub, but it can also just end up a night with a few quiet ones.

  1. Keystone Crescent, Kings Cross

A private members bar, only accessible by a secret door code, it is like a time capsule with muted colors where you can become a member and stay until 4 AM, chilling with your mates or having cocktails on a date night.

  1. Empire Casino, Leicester Square West End

When all the Soho clubs have closed, the vibrant Casino at the Empire has got a Parisian boudoir with a terrace, open seven days a week. It seems to be perfect for sipping on cocktails, drinking and chatting your way through the night or simply for lounging activity.




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