Top 5 London Bars & Pubs

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The best bars in London are just waiting for you to grab a seat, so we’ve put down a list of 10 top drinking joints. Whether you’re looking for a pilgrimage-worthy spot for a classic British pint or just a high-profile hideaway, you will be delighted to see what we’ve crossed upon. They needed to have something special making them the real deal, which is why we’ve come up with the following.

We’ve searched through secret, mysterious and clandestine locations in the capital so we would be able to let you know what is happening. If you’re out looking for late-night bars, we have chosen some party hangouts across the capital that will blow your mind.  However, the rooftop pop-up bars and terraces out there will make you see London by gazing across its beautiful cityscape.

If you want to find the hottest craft beer pubs and bars in the town of London, that are open round the clock, we are going to help you narrow it down. These prestigious places are, for sure, going to keep you coming back for more and more. This best high-gloss places and spots in the capital will help you find the joys of an artfully made drink.


  1. Fitz’s Bar, Bloomsbury

Under the glow of a disco ball, you shall find a new hotel with a disco vibe and a meaty bar. You suggest picking your drink as it has got a touch of timeless glamour, helping you escape the everyday drama.

  1. Bottomless Brunch, Kings Cross

A Victorian Turkish Bath which is a fun and quirky bar kitted out with a multitude of goodies, from crumpets to cocktails, and where you will need to exercise your killer dance moves. Drink Shop & Do have a dirty naughty secret as well, hidden in an old porn shop, which is quite different. Just imagine an event there!

  1. Dandelyan, Blackfriars

One of the best, it has a pretentious menu made up by some highly experienced bartenders who really know what it’s like to create a drink. The decor is charming rather than overbearing and the cocktails range from concoctions of famed Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths to modern-botany ones such as The Pinnacle Point Fizz. The 13th Century Boy takes you up a notch with its natural science elements. Heirloom is one of the best as well, and consists of Kamm & Sons, exploded raspberry cordial, whiskey and plant hemoglobin.

  1. Blue Bar, Berkley Hotel London

It looks just like a jewel with its lavenger Lutyens blue, serving a jet-set crowd champagne as a perfect way to get the party started.

  1. Happiness Forgets, Hoxton

A secret bar that made it onto our list, Happiness Forgets won’t stay secret for long, even though there’s no sign in Hoxton Square. Although you will find it past graffiti, it has topped bar lists because of its classic drinks with a little knock up. Laid-back and high-end, it is an oasis in a basement where you’ll find famous industry folk and good-time drinkers, as well as killer cocktails.









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