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Walking down Oxford Street is enough to make you in need of a drink. If you’re searching for the best boozers in London, the ones that beat them all, you’re in the right place. The top London bars are just waiting for you, whether you’re looking for a classic British pint or something special.

The capital’s the place where you can bounce from historic pubs to modern boozers with perfect pints. In order to help you narrow it down, we found some prestigious places that will keep you coming back for more. London is a haven for casual drinkers as the capital has somewhere to booze whatever the occasion, whether you want to down mojitos all night or seek mixology at its best.

The real deals are the secret, clandestine locations and if you happen to be out looking for some party hangouts, these ones will surely blow your mind. Ultimately, the bars that make us feel welcome with their bouncers are the ones we shouldn’t miss by any chance. At these best places in the capital, you may find the joys of an artfully made drink too much to handle.

London is now a 24-hour city at the weekends, with the Night Tube rattled into action, helping thus the late night businesses bloom and flower. Also, you can gaze across the beautiful London cityscape from the rooftop bars out there, and keep in mind that some of them are open round the clock.

The list of best bars found in tourist hot spots might be of use in case you end up in London seething at why people aren’t told about the left-hand side rule.


  1. Swift, Soho

It is a basement whiskey with a dark lounge and a smart casual bar with delicious and creative cocktails mixed by Milk & Honey alumni. There are many busy establishments in Soho, however, Swift offers some respite from it and helps you forget everything else.


  1. The Archers, Whitechapel

Here you can find traditional pub snacks and pasties in a tastefully turned-out room. We recommend you to drink a craft beer or a glass of red with it. The vibe stays true to the East End roots and off the beaten track.


  1. Lost Vegas, Queen of Hoxton

With rollercoaster-cart seating and cool cocktails, this is one of 2018 best rooftop events. Famous for its madcap themed rooftop which aims to cement its place as one of the capital’s coolest venues, it is transporting guests to a futuristic Las Vegas.


  1. Trailer Happiness, Portobello Road

Adorned with hula girl memorabilia and bartender’s Aloha shirts, they specialize on inventive twists on classics and performing fire shows. You’ll certainly have fun at London’s finest cocktail bar, where time travels back for an evening at Trailer Happiness’ tiki lounge. Blowing alcohol to the ceiling makes everybody cheer in the evening, transforming it into a dance party with funk classics.


  1. Ain’t Nothin’ But…, Soho

This wonderful venue is set along Kingly Street and got a specialist music policy with a trendy vibe.


















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